ausra-sokolovskyteMeet our lovely blogger: Ausra Sokolovskyte. Her work experience includes being; a make up artist, skin care consultant and a beauty & spa therapist. She works as an aesthetic therapist alongside doctors whilst monitoring more than 100 clients. Ausra holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management, in addition to numerous other accredited degrees specific to the beauty industry.


Natural or artificial? Want effective results? The choice is easy.

Serums are the answer to many of your skin care related questions. It is no secret that unlike organic serum, cream needs an emulsifier, thickener and a preservative to create a thick texture and conserve its shelf life. It can never be 100% natural and organic.

Be smart! Be healthy! – Ausra.S

Organic serum, with its botanical ingredients and array of antioxidants, rejuvenates skin most effectively. A well-formulated serum, with its higher concentration of active ingredients will penetrate deeper into the layers of your skin, making it look and feel healthy, smooth, and radiant. That’s significant!